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Bush, Hedge and Shrub Trimming Services in Madison & Huntsville, AL

As your professional Madison lawn maintenance company, Luxe Lawns not only provides basic lawn care services, but we also provide hedge trimming and tree services for our residential and commercial clients.

Maintaining the outdoor environment of your home or business in Madison is just as important as maintaining the indoor space. Periodically hedges outgrow their shape and require routine maintenance to retrain them, transforming them from bushy shrubs into manicured, well-kept hedges again. Regular trims are necessary to maintain hedges' carefully shaped appearance.

During the peak growing season and the off-peak winter months, caring for the trees, shrubs, and bushes in your yard is key to having a well-manicured, flourishing lawn. These plants do not grow perfectly even; many stems and branches on these types of plant life grow in different directions at different rates. You’ll notice the branches of your trees extending too close to the dwelling, too far over walkways or driveways, or even too close to power lines. Overgrowth can suffocate the shrub, which is why we take our time to carefully trim away at them during our routine maintenance.

Your property needs a skilled team that has the proper tools and safety equipment to manage the shrubs and hedges on your property. We can trim and shape your bushes and shrubs to suit your property's aesthetic needs. We’ve worked with many different kinds of shrubs and bushes, which gives us the knowledge and experience to care for them individually. Like all our projects, we always pay close attention to detail. 

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If you live in Huntsville, Madison or the Madison County area, we would be more than happy to provide you with a lawn care estimate and analysis. This is a no-obligation estimate and you don’t have to be at home during our visit. After completing the estimate, we will contact you to go over the results and what we can do for your lawn.

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